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Cloud Collaboration

We all know it…Today we need efficient and direct access to our documents, presentations, quotations, photos, wherever we go and at any moment. Alterations may be required and we need them to be done with our ‘team’. The ability to share files and co-author documents and presentations is a ‘must’ for the modern professional employee. So what better way to achieve this, than engaging today in the available solutions that Microsoft and Google have to offer?


No matter where you are, in the office or on the road, via you PC, tablet or phone, Microsoft Office 365 provides you with a set of productivity tools that you are familiar with. Bonus, you will always have the last updated version that Microsoft has to offer.

Work on your own schedule and be up to date with Microsoft productivity tools, for sure you will stand out and close the deal.

A set of applications useful for the workforce to create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms and drawings. With the main benefit being, sharing them with your colleagues to view or edit based on the permission rights you desire, offline or online with direct access to co-edit and co-construct.

For Cloud Collaboration via Google Apps you have docs, sheets, sites, slides, forms that all come together in package with other applications like gmail, calendar, drive and hangouts to provide you the ultimate teamwork experience

Cloud Email



Outlook is an email service provided by Microsoft. Outlook is a modern inbox with high security features and easy to organize tools. Most importantly, no matter where you, on any device you have easy access to continue your business as is.

Gmail is Google’s electronic email solution. An easy to use tool, to stay organize and connected. Storage for no need to delete any emails, Powerful Google search engine tool to easily find any email, offline support to read & write email without internet connection, email on any device so you can stay connected while on the go and many other tools to keep in touch such as text, voice and video calls. Gmail is a complete solution to stay organized!

Cloud Storage



OneDrive, a useful tool by Microsoft to store your data securely to have at all time, on any device and to easily share with coworkers. All your files will be the same across all your devices no matter from where you access them. If you make a change, once you save it, the change will be synchronized across all your devices. Storage on the road…for the business man the road!


Google Drive another tool to store files in the cloud and access them from anywhere, you simply download Drive on any device and very easily you can upload and store files of any type, presentations, videos, photos, sheets, etc. Not only can you store data but by using the built in available apps Docs, Sheets, Slides you can you can create, edit and share files. What’s fascinating is that everything is saved automatically and you will always have the last version of when and if you have edit!


Amazon Simple Storage Service, is a secure, reliable and highly-scalable storage service. Easy to use, ability to retrieve and access data from anywhere and to pay only for the storage you actually use. An alternative solution to store your data!





CodeTwo is an award-winning, Microsoft-certified independent software vendor offering solutions for Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange. Their flagship products focus on automatic management of email signatures, migrations & backup, as well as real-time contacts and calendars synchronization. CodeTwo solutions have been deployed in over 55 000 businesses around the world including some Fortune 500 companies.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro is an email signature and mail flow manager for Exchange and hybrid environments. With its friendly interface you will be able to create rules and manage your email flow centrally without needing to go to each user device. More specifically in just a few minutes you will be able to create unified email signatures and disclaimers for the entire company. You can add personalized signatures including users' photos and AD data. Images in signatures are added as in-line attachments. You can choose to append the signature under replies and forwards. Further, it offers security features such as to compress, strip or dump email attachments. DLP feature - scanning emails for sensitive content or keywords and forward related messages to managers. You can also easily create auto-responses for specific groups or even a single user. 

There is also a cloud-based server-sided solution – CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365.